Hazelnut varieties

Giffoni, Mortarella, Romana … just a few examples that this fruit can offer, with its unique taste and flavor. Italy is among the places of excellence for its cultivation, Nutalia among the major distributors.


PGI Giffoni Hazelnut – Tonda di Giffoni

Known for being one of the Italian finest varieties ever, it stands out for its perfectly rounded shape and its very firm and aromatic white flesh. The brown and woody shell is characterized by darker streaks. The production area is mainly located in the Salerno territory, especially in the Irno valley and in the area of ​​the Picentini Mountains, but it is also located in the areas around Avellino and Caserta.
Lending itself successfully to industrial transformation, it is strongly required for grain and pasta production, as well as as a raw material for the making of all kinds of local sweets and liqueurs. Its shell finally makes it easy to peel the hazelnut, therefore ideal for roasting or peeling.


PGI Piemonte Hazelnut – Tonda gentile trilobata

Known for its delicate but persistent aroma and for its excellent taste after roasting, this variety is mainly produced in the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria, among the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato hills. Characterized by the spheroidal shape of the seed and the crisp and compact flesh, it stands out for its high peelability and its good keeping qualities: easy to crack and preserve. The resulting final product is represented by shelled hazelnuts or by confectionery products such as giunduja, hazelnut cake, hazelnut cream and nougat.


PDO Roman Hazelnut – Tonda gentile romana

Among the food and wine excellences of Tuscia, this variety is characterized by its spherical shape and its very fine aroma and flavor. Among its peculiarities, the compact texture and the little shiny shell, with numerous streaks. Sought after by the confectionery industry, they also lend themselves to be eaten fresh or toasted. Mainly produced in the Viterbo area, its production has also spread to some municipalities in Rome.



Typically Campania variety, it is famous for the consistent aroma of its ivory-white flesh. Of medium-small size, it has a thin shell, slightly flattened at the bottom, with slight darker streaks. It is cultivated in large Campania areas, but mainly in the Avellino area. Especially sought after for the pastry and ice cream production, it is also excellent to enjoy toasted.



Another typical Campania variety, it is highly appreciated for its organoleptic qualities. The thin shell, of elongated shape and slightly compressed on the sides, is medium-small in size. Characterized by high productivity, it is grown mainly in the provinces of Naples and Avellino.



This is particularly appreciated for its unique aroma and its delicate flavor that leaves an intense aftertaste in your mouth. These are hazelnuts with a characteristic round shape produced mainly in the valleys of the Nebrodi mountains, a regional park that preserves the enormous biodiversity of this area.