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Our nuts manifacture and sale company

“Comm’è triste e comm’è amaro
Sta’ assettato e guardà’ “…
(“How sad and bitter is to sit and just watch..”)

Terra mia, terra mia … this melody from one of the most famous and traditional song from the South of Italy, inspired our company in 2020, in the middle of a serious global health crisis: thus the NUTALIA brand was born.

The history of the brand is very long. It begins in the spring of 2005 when the Montaquila family took over a land of considerable size where a wild core was lying in the thick brushwoods, born there by chance, almost as a sign of doom. From that core and with the help of a farmer friend who left us before his time, an important projet was born: a large hazelnut grove which gives rise to an intense commercial production and sale of hazelnuts for large italian and foreign companies.

On 4 april 2020, in the midst of the severe COVID 19 pandemic, it was the same Mr. Montaquila who in 2005 created the hazel grove, who decided that he could no longer remain helpless: it was too sad and bitter for him to sit and just watch (“Comm’è triste e comm’è amaro, Sta’ assettato e guardà “…) without leaving a further impression on this Earth and that’s how Nutalia was born.
The brand thus coined wants to represent the Italian hazelnut all over the world taking advantage of the well – known organizational and forward – looking qualities of the entrepreneur Montaquila, already established in other sectors such as tourism, transport and football.

Nowadays Nutalia is a production, supply, processing and sale company of the most renowned hazelnuts from Campania and Italy, boasting an organization that allows full control over the entire supply chain and the marketing of a product of the highest quality

Flaviano Stefano Montaquila

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